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Much belated pimping

A million years ago, or rather September, I went and requested a bunch of Katrina fics over at fandom_charity as well as from the various individuals that offered. I have been remiss in pimping the wonderful stories that were written in response to my requests.

1. What by tesla321. A wonderfully intimate and funny Angel/Anya interlude in her wonderful Anya!world AU.

2. Abyss pt. 2 - January Girl by idyll. Glorious post-NFA Gunn fic. So few write Gunn like Dana. Part 1 is linked at the beginning. Read them together. Just yeah. Wonderful.

3. willa_writes wrote a poignant post-NFA Spike/Angel fic for me. But, alas, it's no longer available.

4. A Bloody London Season by ladyoneill. This is extremely dark 18th century Darla/Angelus. Wonderfully dark, is there any other kind of Darla/Angelus? So kids please don't click, I don't want your parents to stab me with pitchforks.

5. Unlikely Friends by moosesal. Nice understated Oz, Cordelia friendship fic.

If I'm not linking any requested fic, that's because I've missed it. My apologies, and I'd love a link.

Also many aeons ago, otherwise known as last year, I mused on the idea of gender reversal in the Buffy and Angel verses and ended up writing meta on Xander the Vampire Slayer and Darla: The Series. Well, two authors have written wonderful Darla: The Series fics:

1a. glossing wrote a wonderful Darla: The Series vignette in her ‘'s less dangerous’: Five Things That Never Happened During In the Dark. What would happen if it had been Darla chained up during "Into The Dark" and it had been Dru who wanted the Ring of Amara.

1b. glossing also wrote Like Filth, Like a Star. A wonderful and bleak Darla/Nina fic set during Darla: The Series, season 5.

2. dessert_first has also written Darla: The Series but not AU. Rather, she's envisioned a post-NFA world where Darla is the main character that all the others revolve around. She has, so far, posted four parts of her Darla: The Series here.
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