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I'm now a moderator!: squared

Most of you don't know this about me, but I *really* like "life during wartime" stories: books, film, the whole enchilada with a side of guacamole. But I've never been active in fandoms such as Band of Brothers or Over There (although I do watch the communities).

I had planned to do the same with the small but emergent "Sleeper Cell" fandom. And so I waited for the Sleeper Cell communities. And I waited. And I waited. Huh, said I, could it be that there won't be a fandom? Well, there were at least two off-LJ discussion boards, so I figured maybe others were waiting like me.

So I created sleeper_cell a few weeks ago. We're up to a membership of 6 and a watch list of 7. Woohoo!

I warned you that I was going multifandom. I warned you. *sigh*
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