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Donde Viven Los Monstruos y otros cosas

Happy holidays to me! viciouswishes wrote wonderfully bleak A/S, Solitary Man.

Thank you, rainkatt, for the beautiful card.

I have $40 worth of feathers and sequins in my house. That's manymanymany. Tomorrow, I get to sew them onto wiggly first-graders. Not onto them directly--I think that's slightly illegal--but onto costumey type clothes. They're performing Where the Wild Things Are or, rather, Donde Viven Los Monstruos. The older Romanita has been running around the house and shouting, "¡QUIETOS!" She wants to be "Maxine" muy mucho. She may have to settle for being a monstruo. We'll see.

Sequins and monsters...hmmm, just doesn't seem like they should go together.
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