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Drive-by and a My Spike

Well, I'm still stuck in the land of perpetual "last week".

*despairs of ever truly catching up with my flist*

Huh. I've never done one of these "my character" things before. *goes completely random*

My Spike...

could be arsed about politics unless he's had a pint or four and then he's Allan fucking Watkins.

went crazy for the Jazz Age.

went even crazier for his Dru with rouged knees and rolled down stockings.

hopped the Pond several times on some of the best cruise liners in the world.

thinks that British and American ex-pats are unbearable bores.

sought them out anyway.

hated travelling steerage.

preferred second class because berths without portholes could be had along with deck access.

missed the Titanic because he slept in.

doesn't tire of telling that story to any demon drunk enough to listen.

goes stark raving with the way Angel name-drops.

is more than willing to drop a few names of his own to prove that point to Angel.

loved "The Jazz Singer" but hated Al Jolson.

was disappointed when he found out Fatty Arbunkle was framed.

was at the Six Gallery in San Francisco when Allen Ginsburg read "Howl" for the first time.

was sharing a bottle of port with Jack Kerouac at the time.

thought the Beat lifestyle was brilliant.

will seriously thrash anyone that reminds him of that today.

thinks modern jazz is pretentious.

learned that the only way he could be good with a saxophone was to beat someone about the head with it.

misses the heft of an LP as he twirled it about before putting it to play on the stereo cabinet.

was never mod but loved playing with the birds who were.

has seen "Sid and Nancy" 20 times.

wants to buy Gary Oldman a pint.

thought he made a better Dracula than that real bint with his parlour tricks.

considered turning him so that he could be a better Dracula.

is Internet literate.

used to be on Prodigy.

met some of the most fascinating dinners there.

thinks whoever invented the cigarette filter should be bled dry. Slowly.

sometimes remembers to rip the filters off his fags.

sometimes rolls his own.

sometimes rolls something besides tobacco.

liked opium alright.

liked the opium dens better.

liked heroin a little too much.

but liked cocaine much better.

complains about Studio 54 and the Disco culture.

went to Studio 54 anyway.

only got in if he was with Dru.

because they thought she was one of Warhol's.

has been to a Bukowski reading.

was completely faithful to Drusilla.

doesn't believe that sex and fidelity have much to do with each other.

doesn't believe it's love unless he's arse-over-tit.

trounces anyone who agrees when he bad-mouths Angel.

still thinks on Dru and wonders where she is.

has asked Angel regarding her whereabouts.

still loves Buffy so much it rips him up just to hear her name.

would rather that Angel have her than that prat, the Immortal.

tries not to think on that.

gets hard when he does.

hates Angel for that.

wonders if Angel ever thinks on it.

gets hard again.

hates Angel for that too.

wonders if Faith would ever consider giving the three of them a go.

takes the edge off with a good long wank.

buttons up and gets on with unlife.
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