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Pimping and...Forever Knight?

Hope everyone is enjoying the season! If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was a good one. Happy Boxing Day!

Okay, first to get the pimping out of the way...

Just read Keeping Faith by sunka2. It's Wood/Faith post-BtVS. It's also NC-17 (so, my underage readers, please exhibit some self-control or...*whistles innocently while not looking*). This is her first longer-than-drabble fic, so please comment. It's so nice to discover emerging authors. Makes me feel all discerning. ::puffs with self-importance::

Speaking of emerging authors, check out Incorporeal is as Incorporeal does by sottovoce10. This is Spike/Wes (NC-17) set in AtS 5 pre-Destiny, and it's oh, so...*hot*. The elders of LJ have given it their stamp of approval (check out the comments). So please, just go!

And just so you don't think I'm all about pimpin' my buds (and what are friends for *g* ?)... If you're into the Fanged Four, check out Killing Will by thete1. The language in this piece is just phenomenal. I am so writhing in writerly envy. I love fic that makes me all tingly that way. She is incredible. If you're curious, I linked All About Spike instead of Teland because, well, the simpler graphics are easier on my post-to-mid-holiday eyes. Sorry, Te. ::smooches you anyway::

The first season of "Forever Knight" is out on DVD! ::does the happy, happy, joy, joy dance:: Yes, I am such the vampnerd. It's *very* expensive though. I didn't get it for Christmas *pouts*, but my friend did. So I spent a couple of hours at her place watching the first three episodes. It's starting to get a little dated. But I have to keep reminding myself that this show is pre-Jossverse. Some of the concepts of AtS are to be found here: the vampire seeking redemption, seeking to be *human* again, the setting-sun time-lapse, the classic convertible. Also the vampy interaction between Nicholas and LeCroix, his sire, makes my slashy self all gooey. Let's not forget Nicholas's "sister"/lover, Janette (sooo pretty...) And the flashback scenes? In French? Yum. True, the show doesn't have the same quality writing that BtVS and AtS do, but *ahem* what does?

I checked out some of the Forever Knight fanfic... ::shudders:: Earnest, but sooo sloppy. Makes me appreciate this fandom. ::hugs Jossverse fanfic authors:: But my friend (with the FK collection) told my naive self early on to avoid unless I was recced to a specific author. Apparently BtVS/AtS has the same sort of earnest but sloppy authors. And some who like to emulate them. For fun *g*. ::eyes _green_ suspiciously::

I have some comments to reply to and drabbles to catch up on and a family to spend quality time with... *sighs* just not enough time.
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