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A wave and a ramble

I've become a one-note Johnny recently with the "Help, I've fallen behind and I can't get up!" kinda posts.

Unfortunately, I am not Lady Lazarus come back to tell you all. I'm still Not Here.

I have been working on my oh-so-late fic.

I had been working on a pre-series Lawson fic which just wasn't coalescing properly. I had to shelve it, which pains me, but my brain just won't be able to squeeze the words out the way they should be for quite a while yet. It will out when it will out and that is not today nor any time soon.

So I've been working on the sequel to "Something Else", my Angel/Nina fic, which I've had bits and pieces of for the last year. At least in my own mind. So yeah, it's Angel/Nina/Spike--porny bits and all. But it's threatening to humongify itself. I will not have another Epic. I will not. Plus there are parts that are Not Working.

I wish that I were a lush writer. My strength lies in bare bones, scaffolding, winter trees. If I'm not careful, if I let myself get lazy, that strength wilts into "he said, then she said, then he said" and who cares?

"The night was hot."

*crumples paper*

"The night was hot."

*crumples paper*

I'm really beginning to adore Nina, her lost potential, her caged demon, how she was willing to get eaten alive rather than harm her family. I adore how Angel is different with women than with men, and how really fucked up that is. I adore how Spike echoes that and doesn't realize it. I adore how that would confuse and annoy Nina.

But then again, I'm a firm subscriber to the "one life, many loves" idea. C/A and A/N do not threaten or nullify B/A. A/S and S/N, heck S/any woman besides Buffy, do not threaten S/B. I'm weird that way though.

I've read a controversial study that purports the bisexual/omnisexual man as a myth. Of course, there were a number of problems in the study, including sample size and volunteer recruitment. Let's just say that I'm shaking out many grains from my salt shaker. I don't believe in digital people--I'm an analog gal.

Why didn't this study send ripples throughout fandom? Maybe it did and I missed it. I may have "gay vampire porn" as an interest, but really my vampires are omnisexual. I cannot conceive them in a "set" orientation. And I don't think that I'm just doing the wacky here. Really, the modern vampire mythos iterates the omni-ness. Modern as in since Dracula and Nosferatu. But what do I know?

Back to the children and the mines. But not children in mines. That's child labor and illegal. My children have protested labor since they were old enough to pick anything up and put it away. I have yet to trick them into thinking housework is fun.
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