Romany (romanyg) wrote,

PIMP: and I've been keeping her to myself all this time...

I have this rule that I don't read when I write. Can't do it, get all weird--either distracted or quivery or something. So yes, I haven't been reading you beyond the occasional quick skim.

Well, I broke that rule today, dang it.

All the Boys to the Yard by alizarin_nyc. Set AtS s5, Faith/Connor. Just spot-on Faith voice, and she has that understated narrative description *down*. I'd, dunno, make somebody cry or something for the ability to do that.

She's my best kept fandom secret. That's right, I've been keeping her to myself. *is selfish*

Her pre-series Trainspotting/BtVS crossover, Blood from a Stone, is so good too. Renton POV with Spike/Dru. That's right. Mmmm-MMMM.

She also writes in Firefly--her What My Heart Will Be Is A Tower, not in her memories, is so feakin' lyrical, SGA, BSG and SPN too. Check her memories. Serious.

Gah! Now I can't write. *sobs*
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