Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Johnny Depp kicked me out of Disneyland.

Well, kinda. The world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest happened at Disneyland this past Saturday so the park closed early. 5:30 p.m., I kid you not. I certainly know how to plan a vacation for the Romanitas.

Security allowed people to line up around the red carpet area and await the arrival of the stars, people who had camped out on Main Street USA since 6:30 a.m., many in full pirate regalia.

The guest list seemed to follow odd Hollywood logic.

I found some red carpet pictures, including Michelle Trachtenberg. Orlando Bloom got all down with the PR thing. Although seeing Marilyn Manson pose with Mickey freaks me out just a tad.

Of course all this happened while the girls and I were back at the hotel playing in the pool. I do have one fuzzy picture of a gaggle of girls running while collectively screaming as we were taking the train out of the park. I could not see the object of scream, probably No One I've Ever Heard Of.

I did find one review for the film (mild spoilers).

Completely unrelated:

* I need someone to teach me how to code for bullet points. Until then, I asterisk. ********

* HP continues to astound me with the fandom angst. I'm not caught up on the story though.

* I created an account at GJ because I heard a rumor that LJ might really change things. True?

* My oldest caught some exotic disease in Anaheim and is currently languishing on the couch with a fever of 101. We shall not discuss the exotic disease that the youngest caught and exhibited in Anaheim nor shall we discuss my doubling over in pain at the first aid station during our Good Time. Otherwise, we had great fun!

* I'm never going to catch up with ye olde flist. I officially give up. *waves flag of surrender*

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