Romany (romanyg) wrote,

I seem to have accrued some new friends either through my Writercon-induced friending spree or, I assume, my name popping up about the LJ-sphere recently.

So to alleviate my performance anxiety, I list:

1. As much as I would like to have LJ as my main address in life, I do have to get up from my chair and do the occasional thing. This means that I--poof--disappear from LJ at alarmingly regular intervals.

2. When I am here, I read my entire flist. I do not filter. You are all incredibly interesting to me. This does mean that I sometimes sacrifice comment-time from reading-time. *peers at you with my skeery invisible-reader eyeball*

3. I have children. I talk about them on occasion. There are some on my flist who are proudly childfree. I once was myself and am now a traitor to the ranks. Biology got the better of me. Biology is powerful, yo, and I love my wee Romanitas with fierce monkey-mom love. However, I keep my Romanita posts either short or behind a cut.

4. I am married and refer to the husband as Mr. Romany. I rarely post about him since he's a private person, and it wigs him out.

5. My sexual identity consists of I-stood-up-in-front-of-a-bunch-of-people-and-said-I-Won't. My eye, however, doth wander. Right now, it wanders toward wonderful fic ranging from thoughtful gen to the adultest of adult of any and all pairings.

6. I am known for seeking out threesome fic and have OT3s/OT4s in multiple fandoms, the main ones being Buffy/Spike/Angel, Buffy/Spike/Angel/Faith--and all the Lego pairings to be taken from that--as well as Jack/Sawyer/Kate and Jack/Sawyer/Kate/Ana Lucia and all the Lego pairings.

7. I am short, as in I round *up* to 4'11". Whether this also makes me cute is up to debate.

8. I have red hair and the pale skin and freckles to go with it.

9. My friendships are not fandom-deep. If you move on to a fandom that I don't share, I will still adore you.

10. I am also a figure skater and am currently on a production team called the CheapSkates. We perform at local rink exhibitions. My specialty, so far, is the Comedy Highlight. I am not the most skilled skater, but I am a Total Ham. Actually being a Total Ham while doing a sit spin is a skill. Currently, I am Sponge Bob railing the Waters Above for splitting my pants. As in I have trick pants that "rip" and voluminous polka dot boxers peep through. This is harder to accomplish than you think.

11. I am a smoker as in "Hello, my name is Romany and I'm a smoker." I had a wonderful 3-pack lapse at Writercon because my vice is wily and the smokers they are my people. I completely own my addiction. No one's fault but mine. I remain, however, smoke-free around my children. I will always want a cigarette. Always. Oh well.

12. I am the moderator of adult_skaters and sleeper_cell. Not because I'm particularly qualified, but because I wanted to belong to those communities and had to create them. LJ is wonderful like that. I've done this in Real Life too. I ended up moderating an open-mike poetry series for four years because It Needed To Be Done.

13. I used to do poetry slams and was relatively good. Ain't nothing like taking a rowdy room of pool players and beer guzzlers and hearing that hush of attention. Rush, rush, rush, head-trippy rush. One year, I was the alternate for the South Bay team. I coulda been a contender. I've done radio spots, street fairs and music festivals. This was several years ago when Spoken Word was The Thing.

14. I have not written poetry in several years, although I've written a few drabbles that I consider poems: Hope Is a Blossom of Glass and Solomon's Verdict being two of them. I don't know if I'd consider Grand Gesture a poem, exactly, but I'm proud of it anyway.

15. My real name is Romany. That's right, not a net name. I'm lazy and like to hide in plain sight. I do hang about the Roma and Romani communities, but I keep those issues off of my LJ. Usually. Nothing like politics to scare off the flist.

16. But just so you know, I am a card-carrying bleeding heart liberal. I believe in alleviating suffering, human and other. I'm known as one of the many LJ-fairies, but I do give much more money and time to the causes I believe in. I believe in social tithing. You know, the whole Love Thy Neighbor thing. My Neighbor being the whole world. If that's White Guilt? *shrug*

17. I'm sure there's more, but I have to feed the dog.

That's me in a large nutshell, a peach pit, if you will. Yum, peaches. I have a peach tree outside. Life is good.
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