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Okay, it's no secret that I'm a big Johnny Weir fan. As in fangirl. Yis.

Oh.My.Guh., lannamichaels was so kind to post scans from his latest spread in BlackBook magazine. Boy looks better in heels than I could ever hope to myself.

mosca has finished a wondrous RPS fic, Hearts Beat Time Out. Johnny Weir/Benjamin Agosto. Huh, you say? That's right. It's funny and heartbreaking and joyous and so real. You know, I thought I knew skating? I bow before her. I haven't finished it yet so I've yet to leave feedback. So go, shame me, and do so before I do. Shoo!

Holy Gardening Supplies, Batman! It's Homophobia!". stoney321 received a head-scratchy, gotta-be-kidding-me email from one of her gardening suppliers. Yesterday, this was one of the links that ate LJ. But I eat LJ more! *chomp*
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