Romany (romanyg) wrote,

That name thing and other stuff.

Hmmm, I haven't been tagged for a meme in quite a while, but somehow, nikitangel thought of me for this one.

How do I pronounce my LJ name? Pretty much the same as my RL name since they're practically identical (first name + surname initial). I'm so creative.

RAWM-uh-nee-gee. Best way to remember it (my first name), is that it rhymes with "hominy". Yes, I was called "Romany Grits" throughout grade school. How'd you guess? "Romulan" and "Top Romany" were quite popular as well. "Rom, The Space Knight" was a comic book title at the time so guess who was "Romany, The Space Knight", often demoted to "Romany, The Space Cadet"? *sigh*

Speaking of comics, I wanted to rec The Pleasures of Civic Duty by glossing. NC-17 Batman/Robin & Bruce/Dick, Golden Age DCU. But aren't they the same, you say? This fic is all about identity, image and lines. And it asks hard questions very subtly. Prepare to be uncomfortable.

Somewhat related, netweight will not rest until I watch Smallville. I can now say that I've watched the first two episodes of s1. Resistance was futile. I don't know how fannish I'll get, but I'm enjoying it. Lana kinda bugs me simply for her non-redheadedness. Whoever that is on the screen is not the Lana Lang that I grew up with.

Funny thing, about the name again, Rom is my nickname in RL too. One that only close friends and family use. So when I'm addressed online as "Rom", I get that little tingle as if someone whispered in my ear. Serious. I don't know if any of you intend that. *g*
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