Romany (romanyg) wrote,

I have come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all.

Remember that 6 Things meme from yesterday?

lynnenne and serenelystrange tie for the win by getting two out of three correct.

1. I was conceived in Ken Kesey's sleeping bag.

True. One cold night, my parents were hanging out with Kesey and others in Kesey's van. His girlfriend lent them Kesey's sleeping bag and so I was conceived. His only contribution to my existence is the sleeping bag. *g*

2. I lived, for a year, in a sublet on the rue de la gaité in Paris.

False. I often begin statements with "When I was in Paris...". This is a failing of mine because I was only there for two weeks honeymooning. We did stay on the rue de la gaité though, and its odd mixture of theatres and porn shops is indelibly part of my dreamscape.

3. I have been an improv troupe cast member.

True. I was involved in a very small community theatre in San Francisco, Attic Theatre. One day, a friend of mine wanted me to accompany her to the audition for their traveling improv troupe. I went with her, auditioned for the heck of it since I had absolutely no chance of being cast. Guess who passed the audition? *?* Every night on stage was pure, sweaty fear. I fear the Funny! I fear it!

4. I have published a novel.

False. Like so many, I have a partly finished one stashed in a drawer. Long story, but I ended up signing up for a pitch session on pure accident. Here I was, sitting in a room with 14 other people who clutched synopses in their hopeful hands. I didn't want to appear like a complete idiot to the *extremely* lovely agent that I had met in the bar the night before--ulterior motive? me?--and made one up. I spent the next three months working furiously on this novel and fizzled because I'm too old now for sleep deprivation. I suck.

5. Redd Foxx once swore that I would never work in the industry again.

True. When I was in middle school, my best friend's mother worked in the local TV industry. I spent a good deal of my free time hanging about the studio. This was back in the days of yore before syndication killed the local talk show. During the famous 1980 SAG strike, Redd Foxx had been scheduled to appear on this local talk show. Now the strike affected *any* TV appearance so no SAG member would risk appearing on a talk show. Guess who didn't show?

And you know how half-way through talk shows, the phone number to get tickets for another show appears on the bottom of the screen? Guess who was manning the phones? That's right. Myself and my friend, at 12 years old. Because the studio couldn't even get its act together enough to have an intern sit and answer the phones. And there was only one production assistant. One. And she was busy in the studio. So Redd Foxx calls up and demands to speak to the producer, the phones are ringing off the hook with people wanting tickets, and I have to tell him sorry, no can do. That man could *curse*! He told me that I would never, ever have an industry career. He would *personally* see to that.

That's how Redd Foxx ruined my movie career. *g*

6. I played one of Diane Keaton's daughters in the 1982 movie, Shoot the Moon.

False. I can't blame Redd Foxx for this one. *g* One night, after drama class, I was called into the theater office. Apparently, Zoetrope had put a call out for young actresses to try out for Shoot the Moon. Because of the oh so slight physical resemblance, red hair *cough*, my drama teacher suggested that I had a good shot. All I had to do was get my butt down the peninsula that Saturday for the audition. I couldn't score a ride and blew it off. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. *g*
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