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Sonnets and slash? You betcha, baby!

It's late, my daughter's sick, so I don't know how much time I have for this entry.

Should start with the pimp recs.

willa_writes has taken on a humongous project of writing drabbles to correspond with each of Shakespeare's sonnets. A truly daunting task, but so far, the first five have been absolutely lovely.

Sonnet #1 Thyself Thy Foe Andrew/Xander PG-13

Sonnet #2 New Made, When Thou Art Old Angel/Lindsey no rating (probably PG-13)

Sonnet #3 Golden Time Angel/Spike no rating (probably PG-13)

Sonnet #4 Legacy Spike/Wesley R/NC-17 *WARNING: I linked to the cut. If you do not want to read R/NC-17 slash material, do NOT use this link.*

Sonnet #5 Liquid Prisoner Lindsey/Oz R *see WARNING for Sonnet #4*

Well, I was going to say more, but I am now a pumpkin. (Next post, I promise to pimp leni_ba's new website!)
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