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I thought that I'd get to the birthday round-up and thank yous sooner. My apologies. I'm also working my way back on comments that I owe.

First off, thank you to every one that sent me condolences. Really, this has hit me hard.

But Birthday Stuff! I'd like to thank drc1, lostakasha, wickedprincess3, crazydiamondsue, caoilainn, and entrenous88 for the virtual goodies that grace my info page. You are too good to me. Truly.

Leni, the wonderfully generous leni_ba, wrote Bones fic for me! One Sentence Challenge. The title speaks for the form, which is 50 words and the 50 sentences--not necessarily in chronological order--that frame those words.

Sofia, netweight, loves me very much because she wrote a b/s/a ficlet for me. *does happy dance* It's wistful and lush. Her style is what brought us together in the first place. I have stalked most of you, at one point or another, but she tolerates my adoration more than most. *g*

And, wow, this is the first time that I've felt this. I've seen it often enough to know that I'd react the same way in this situation. Huh. Yeah. I wrote fic that I'm really proud of and the crickets chirped. Granted very few people on my flist read this fandom, so I don't think that says anything about the quality of the work, necessarily. But I feel this great *need* to discuss it because I really poured a lot into it. I'm no less proud of it, which I find extremely interesting, because I usually go into panicky writer's remorse as soon as I post fic. I really don't have a cold, objective eye towards my own work--you would not believe the amount of writing that I've torn into digital shreds--so yes, feedback does bolster me.

I am a pathetic creature.

Heh. Back to the Epic. And then back to, I don't know, actually interacting with all of you.

*really does heart you all*
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