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I did it! I did it!

I just finished commenting on *all* the drabbles posted for this week's open_on_sunday challenge. ::dances around in maniac glee:: And there were manymany this week. I like reading them all: the weak, the strong, the outrageous. And surprisingly, there were few weak ones. I'm constantly amazed at the level of talent in this fandom. Not only am I a little fish in a big pond, I'm just glad that I can swim here at all (I wasn't terribly happy with my contribution this week, can you tell?).

Funny how variable the texture of my ego-skin is. If my husband tells me my pants look terrible, I whimper like a little girl. If someone criticizes my writing, I acknowledge that criticism frankly. Say, hmmm, you have a point there, that does need work--needs to be changed--whatever. I use it, work with it, move on.

But I'm straying from the point here. There are very few of the drabbles that leave me indifferent. And those that do just lack in skill, not intent.

Was going to say more...but once again, it's late.

Leni, I owe you a pimp. Forgive me?

And I'll have to read willa_writes's Sonnet#6 drabble tomorrow.
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