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Someone nominated His Body A Boat over at Fang Fetish awards in the "Best Spangel" category. This is only the second time that my fic has been nominated for anything so I would like to say thank you here since, I suspect, the person responsible is on my flist.

Thank you!

Also I'm filled with giddy glee that sv_ledger listed my most recent fic in today's issue. I'm stunned. From what I understand, the editors work just as hard as those at the su_herald. They sort through everything that they think might be of interest to their subscribers and pick and choose. SV is a brand new fandom for me. I'm a total n00b there, and yet they thought enough of the fic to list it. Wow.

Totally unrelated, but it's just too funny...Dude, I didn't even know what IBTC meant until I read this gem in the personal quotes section on Michael Rosenbaum's IMDb page:

What I really want in a woman is a good sense of humor, intelligence, and she can't be part of the IBTC.

I'm filing this one under Actors Are So Not Who They Play On TV. *g*

ETA: Some of you have asked what IBTC does stand for. Good, I thought I was the only one. *g*

IBTC = itty bitty titty committee.
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