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PIMP: I've reinvented the wheel.

I was afraid of this, having jumped into a new fandom. New for me, but one that's been around for quite some time.

So when I wrote and posted, Every Time, I had unknowingly used a concept that had been done before.

Someone in SVdom was gracious enough to email me to tell me that they enjoyed my fic, but was I aware of this other story? And if not, would I like the link? Of course, I said, I would love the link. So I clicked through to Achilles' Heel by X-parrot (xparrot) and was completely blown away. The same concept, but with a starker Lex, more precise, much more epic, which is what these two are all about. Just absolutely stunning.

She posted this in 11/02, almost four years ago. And here I come and blindly just water down the whole idea. *sigh* So yeah, go read hers--much, much better.
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