Romany (romanyg) wrote,

A letter of introduction.

Hi! *peeks from around curtain, waves shyly*

I seem to have acquired some new friends from my most recent SV fic post. Which is great! I love meeting new people. I'm pretty much an autofriender, read-only journals being the one exception, because you could be anyone then. *paranoid twitch* And even then, if I get to know you, I'll friend you.

I rarely filter when I read; you're all too fascinating. Although I don't comment as much as I would like.

I do suffer a bit from performance anxiety. I hope that's okay. I kinda work at my own pace.

If you want to see the woman behind the LJ, there's a pic here. Flocked, but I seriously doubt I have any lurkers that want to know what I look like. Do I have *any* lurkers? Doubt it.

I also did an about me post two months ago. The only thing that's different is my recent SV obsession.

Um, the fic that I'm most known for in Whedonverse is His Body A Boat which is a 12-part drabble sequence. It's Spike/Angel. I also wrote a Spike/Angel ship manifesto which is the most archived thing that I've written. Kinda long though.

I guess that's about it. You know, I'm kinda nervous. I'm not good at these things. But, Hi!, and welcome!
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