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Fangirlishness, ahoy!

Now as I was watching the DVD commentary for SV 2x04, "Red"...

Yes, I am that obsessed. Do not MOCK me!

the one that Kristin Kreuk, Greg Beeman, Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling did. Because, yes, there are *two* commentaries for that *one* episode. Yay!

There happened to be a Clark and Lex scene (redK!Clark EEEEEE!) where Lex kinda notices *ahem* that there's something different about Clark.

So Beeman, like he doesn't know, asks, "So what's going on with Clark and Lex here?"

And Rosenbaum says that he and "Tommy" like to joke around, but then he gets a little sputtery with the "OMGWTF! people? Clex?!?" Yes, sputtery. Because he knows the word "Clex". He's seen it.

Okay, celebrities, word of advice? Do not go all google-fu with your name, okay? Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

And this is PRE-SMUTBOX. Oh dear lord.

Oh Smutbox, how I hate you and your fanspastic craziness. The first rule of Fight Club, people! The FIRST RULE of FIGHT CLUB!!!!!

So yes, the sputtering.

And then Welling calmly and articulately interjects with, "The homoerotic undertones of this relationship are just mind-boggling."

Oh Tom. Tom, Tom, Tom...*hearts you so freaking much*
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