Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Fic rec: Protection by bagheera_san

Have you ever just rambled about in a new city, no particular destination, just haphazard exploring? And then you find that wonderful restaurant or that odd little shop that isn't listed in any of the tourist guides.

That's what finding Protection by bagheera_san has been like for me. It's near future Clex, an alternate S7 if you will, and I'm completely entranced. I find myself checking her LJ to see if she's posted another installment. Clark POV, and her Clark is smart, capable of introspection--although he's not fond of it, I *love* that--and complex. Her Lex can be harsh and spiteful--he's hurting and grasping for control--and yet remains sympathetic. There are no easy answers here.

He realised that they had been silent for a long time only when Lex spoke. "Tell me another story, Clark."

The room was golden, like the drink in Lex's glass. Outside, the lower parts of the city were sinking into deep blue shadows while a thousand windows reflected the evening sun. Everything was warm, languid, worn-out like the day.

It was hard to think of a story that hadn't just truth but also meaning. Clark's thoughts were slow, aimless, as he gathered his memories and grasped for what he wanted to say.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4, the story thus far.

*waits for chapter 5*
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