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For today I am a grapefruit spoon, all serrated like that.

Well, apparently SV has wank. I don't know how I feel about that. Just wrung out and full of huh and here we go again, same wank, different fandom.

Speaking of different fandoms, I haven't pimped the month-long I Will Remember You ficathon run by the glorious chrisleeoctaves. All of it Buffy/Angel, but not necessarily related to the episode it's titled after. Thirty stories! Whee!

Oh, and one of my Smallville friends has recently become interested in BtVS. She's just finished S4 and would like some fic recs. Anything, slash, het, femslash, gen. No spoilers! She's looking *forward* to S5 and it's *neat* to see someone get excited like this. I'm absolutely horrible at bookmarking, so I thought I'd ask the flist. *bats eyelashes*

Yes, fandoms do cross-pollinate. Isn't that exciting?

Also, please tell me that someone has made a Clark/Lex or Spike/Angel vid to Death Cab For Cutie's song, I Will Follow You Into The Dark. I just need to watch it. But I like the bunnies. I'll watch the bunnies. Do not mock me. *whimpers*

Okay, go ahead. Mock!
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