Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Possible solution: Smallville Con.

I figured out how to undo all my curly quotes and so have uploaded all of my completed SV work to SSA. Six stories written over two months, not counting the WIPs or the pieces I still have hidden on beta filters. Huh. For me, that's working at the speed of light. *g*

I've noticed that people are doing the Whos in Whoville thing and shouting their existence/nonexistence to the world. I exist, I suppose. I've met *70* people on my flist. And I owe most of those meetings to either Writercon (both 2004 and 2006) or Winchestercon (which I only attended for a few hours--in the bar *g*).

So I guess a possible solution would be to have a Smallville version of said fandom con. Not necessarily one that involves merchandizing and dealer rooms and meet-and-greets with the stars, but one specifically for the fandom a la Writercon and Winchestercon: fic writers, vidders, artists, readers and general fandom people. Maybe panels, canon vs. fanon, sex in Smallville vs. metrosexual Metropolis, ensemble writing, a vid showing. It might be *really* small so maybe not that much. You know, a convention for us to, dunno, *meet* each other, bond face-to-face, and confirm each other's existence. With possible drinking. *g*

So...what do you think?
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