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Episode thoughts: Smallville 6x09, "Subterranean".

Okay, I should be speaking about all the meta implications of the A-plot, but right now my head is reeling from the shippy.

So Lex says, "Lana Clark, let's rule the world together!"

I know that SV airs during 'family hour', but don't Lex and Lana ever fuck? I'm confused. Is that kid she's carrying a one-shot wonder or something? They already have that tired old married couple feel. Come on, Lana, if you're going to be seduced by the Dark Side of the Force, try to be a little more passionate about it.

Oh wait, she *tried* to get a wakey-wakey session in there. And Lex turned her down. Lex turned down sex so that he could make it to work on time. The world's most notorious telecommuter turned down a quickie. *blinks* And then he sent her away with the rationalization reasoning that Amsterdam would make her heart grow fonder or something.

So Lex, where is your heart?

Well, Lana returns--in her Dianne Feinstein blouse--quite entranced with all the trappings of power. She *liked* the sea of people parting for her. They're ceasing to be individual faces, much like the faceless hands that we see reach out to Lex as he does his pimp-daddy music video walk with all its slo-mo mojo through Level 33.1. And although she wants to use her new power to help, she's already used it to hinder by not so tacitly approving of 33.1's existence.

Are they turning into Lionel and Lillian or what?

Hey, look, it's the ex! Wait, they never had sex.

For someone who claims to never want to see Clark again, let alone at the mansion, Lex doesn't seem to have given the appropriate instructions to his security staff. For some reason, they seem to have interpreted "Show him the door" as "Bring him to me". Or have they? Hmmm. Because Lex doesn't seem terribly upset to see Clark, but rather eager to get one more chance to tell him off: I want my books back, you bastard! What evil are you accusing me of now? And although the words are all confrontational, the frame is the classic "lovers' shot" with the two of them in the same frame with the fireplace blazing merrily between them in the background. And Lex stepped within less than an arm's length away, certainly a danger zone, before stopping. And Clark leaves in a huff, barely brushing Lex's shoulder as he heads for the door. They're all full of spit and fury but dude, are they *ever* in each other's personal space.

Maybe Lex should have taken that morning quickie. Would have taken the edge off.

But maybe Lex wants that edge. Lex is a striver, and in a funny way, so is Clark. And they strive so well against each other. As much as he hates it, Lex kind of needs that.

And Clark...Clark needs somebody to blame. He needs it because they are all people to him. He picks out individual faces as the forensics team unearths each one. They become clearer and break his heart and they have *names*. He needs to know the names, not only to help Javier find Francisco, but for himself. They can never be the sea that parts for him. Lex never could seduce him with that because Clark needs them to be names for Lex as well. And they never will be.

She took a piece of me and gave it to him with a smile.

Clark can never believe that Lana would be complicit with Lex on her own terms. It's easier for him to believe her the gullible innocent. Of course she gets pissed off when he accuses her of that. And it's this very patronizing protectiveness that drove Lana to Lex in the first place. Of course Lex is playing her, and Clark wants to see that's what it is, but Lana is a big girl. She likes where she is and she wants more.

Clark, baby, you're never going to have your girl back.

I'll see you in court!

Alas, poor Jimmy, you think that Clark's standing in the way of you and Chloe from having mad, passionate whipped cream filled love. She's trying to tell you to sloooooow down. Listen to the lady, my man. You don't need Clark to kick your ass at basketball to do that. How tall are you anyway? The dude is huge, and I know you've noticed. What's up with you?

In Conclusion:

Clark is beautiful.
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