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Author rec: zeldadestry

I had a little time last night, in that space known as after kids and before bed, and clicked on undermistletoe. Body switch being the theme for the day, I opened up the SV fic, None So Desperate, None So Brave, by an author unknown to me, zeldadestry, and wow.

He is going to die.

Probably not today, he feels stronger than yesterday, was actually able to keep down a small breakfast of corn flakes with milk, slices of strawberry, weak tea. He will hopefully not die tomorrow, because the rain is supposed to end the day after tomorrow, and he wants to see the sun again. But he can feel it will be soon, soon.

He waits for Clark. He rises each morning hoping. Clark will be there before the end.

This is just a story full of pain and hope, of forgiveness, full of the little details that grip and don't let go.

So yeah, with the impressed. Impressed enough to see if she's written anything else. And yes, she has. She's multifandom, some of which I follow, but I haven't had a chance to read those yet, nor all her SV works. Here are just a few that resonated within me as I read:

Art Therapy: PG, Clark/Lex and future fic. The lyrical narrative underscores the lighthearted dialogue, weights each word they say.

Providence: PG, Lexana with hints of Clex, Lana POV. This is Lana in Paris, and her Lana is so complex and real, full of wants and dreams. The language in this is rich and flavorful, haunting and needful. Just fabulous.

Infected: NC-17, Lexana, set during S6, and Clark is the glaring absent third. Now *this* is the dark passion that I wish that they'd give us on the actual show. It's dialogue only and, unfortunately, it's a bit scrunchy, but the voices are distinct enough to figure it out.

zeldadestry has such a command of language, the warp and woof of story, that I'm surprised that she hasn't garnered more readers. She gives each character depth, a uniqueness and sympathy without unnecessary adornment. I especially like her Lana because she really does deserve her side of the story.
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