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Happy 2007!

Last night, I spent the mildest New Year's Eve *ever*--and was delighted to do so. Ah, the mellowing of age! *g*

I did manage to sleep in sinfully late because my wee Romanitas are finally old enough to forage the cabinets for themselves and not kill themselves in the process. They're still young enough to make quite a mess however...*sigh*

Since all the cool kids posted their 2006 fic round-ups over the past few weeks...


Some Monsters More Than Others. Angel/Spike, AtS S5, Adult (violent themes), posted 07/11/06.

An Encyclopedia of Why Not. Spike/Dawn, post-Chosen and NFA, Adult (sex), posted 08/06/06.

Five Years Later at a Holiday Inn. Angel/Connor, post-NFA, Adult (read warnings first), posted 08/08/06.

Sides of the Bed. Angel/Spike, AtS S5, Teen, posted 11/01/06.


Every Time. Clark/Lex, SV/DCU future fic, Adult, posted 09/07/06.

There is no once, and once only. Clark/Lex, SV future fic, Teen, posted 10/02/06.

What You Really Need. Lex/Lana, Clark/Lex, Lex/Oliver, Clark/Oliver implied; SV 6x03 "Wither" episode coda, Teen, posted 10/17/06.

The bonding of men through drunkenness or war. Clark/Lex, SV S3, Teen, posted 10/18/06.

DUDE! A Clexian Tale. Clark/Lex, SV S1-S5 parody, Teen, posted 10/22/06.

Subterfuge. Clark/Lex, SV 4x06 "Transference", Adult, posted 11/05/06.

Speak of the Devil. Clark/Lex, Lex/Oliver, Clark/Oliver; SV 6x06 "Fallout", Adultish, posted 11/09/06.

When You're Done. Clark/Lex, future fic, Adult (dark themes), posted 11/14/06.

You Say It Like It's a Bad Thing. Clark/Lex, SV S5, Adult, posted 11/17/06. incomplete

One Flew East, One Flew West part one. Lex/Lana, Clark/Lex, others--but only in Lex's head; SV post-S6, Adult, posted 11/28/06.
One Flew East, One Flew West part two. Lex/Lana, Clark/Lex, others--but only in Lex's head; SV post-S6, Adult, posted 12/06/06. series incomplete

Welcome to the Family. Clark/Lex, Lex/Lana, Martha/Lionel; SV post-S6, Adult, posted 12/18/06.

Um. Wow. Sixteen fics from July to December?!? That's like my most productive fic year *ever*. No wonder I'm tired. *g*
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