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Well, I managaged a drabble this week for open_on_sunday.

Crossover challenge: AtS/Sex and the City
Title: Of All the Gin Joints in LaGuardia...
Rating: R
Spoilers: BtVS 7/AtS 5/SatC none
Spike/Samantha implied
S/A/B implied

"Botox? Chemical peel?"

Startled, Spike looks up from his beer at a slinky blonde.

"I never forget a face. Or a coat."

Oh little ride. "Spike."


Angel strides in with a florist's wet-dream, "This okay?"

"Take a look at you," purrs Samantha. "Is this a private party?"

Angel sputters, "No...Yes...Spike!"

Spike, laughing, pulls a startled Angel to his lap, "No use denyin', Ducks. Lady's perceptive."

"Buffy's flight..."

"Arrives in an hour." Smirks, "Our lady-love. Long story. Involves oil."

"I'll bet."

"Spike..." growls Angel.

"Promises..." Spike waves farewell.

"Vampires," Samantha laughs, "Fucking town's full of 'em."

I'm still behind on my comments to everyone (posted a few today). Been a rough week. I'll try to comment more tonight.

Randomly hugs _green_ and nihilistbear.
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