Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Taste Sensation!

Okay, so there's this *thing* that I see a lot in fic. And that's some girl or guy slurping up some guy's cold come from their belly, hand, whatever after they've jacked them off. Slurpity-slurp. Yum.

Well that just leaves a tingly taste sensation in *my* mouth. Um. Yeah.

Cause me? I'm a cocksucker. Yep. Done, do, a lot of that. It's fun. I like it. More than like it. And I'm a swallower too. Not only because of the whole continuity of the moment thing--which is *way* nice--but because I'll take the taste of hot come over cold come any day of the week.

Like it says on the Jell-O or gravy package--'congeals as it cools'. And while fresh-from-the-source come varies a bit in flavor--it can range from pleasant to sorta iffy--cold, congealed come tastes nothing short of nasty.

(And I'm not trying to leave the taste sensation of women out here, but that's a different story.)

Of course, you might be saying, "Romany, you are so high, cold come is my *favorite* flavor. I'll be dancing in the streets when Ben & Jerry's make it their next ice cream. I'm waiting for the bubble gum. I want that in my mouth all the damn time! What's wrong with you?" And yay for you! Really. Maybe it's just me.

So yeah, when I see that scenario in fic after fic after fic, I blink and take a quick drink of something. Sense memory, you know? Because, yeah, I've done it. Lapping up a partner's cold come can make him all jiggity with joy, and it's fun to please people. But it's not what I go searching for in porn. I don't go all shivery with "Cold come licking, yay!" when I read it.

And yes, I understand the whole turn-on of *wanting* and/or *loving* someone so much that their bodily fluids are just slurpity joy. Intellectually, I get that. But. My mouth.

Funny, I just always thought it was a guy thing, but I guess it's a chick thing too. And whee! there're a lot of boats floating on this ocean of ours.

Just, um, that's not my boat.

And I guess that's *way* funny coming from the one who made a big deal about het and femslash rimming--and the lack thereof in fic--a while back. I never said that I made any kind of *sense*.
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