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Just a couple of Smallville questions.

1. Okay, I'm wondering if the Daily Planet has Clark's picture on file because various gossip columnists over the years have wanted to know who the gorgeous kid hanging out all the time with Lex Luthor was.

2. And if Lex squelched all the boy toy stories from hitting the supermarket racks, why did he do nothing about the Lana ones?

3. How does Clark shave? I know DCU's explanation (shaving mirror/heat vision), but has SV ever tried to explain it?

4. How and where does Clark get his hair cut? We've *seen* his hair break scissors in canon ("Spell"?). He can't just march down to the barber shop, can he?

5. How did Clark start school without immunization records?

6. Why is Clark allowed to drive around town at the tender age of 14 or 15? And not just him, but Lana and Chloe as well.

7. If Metropolis is three hours away by car, why do so many in Smallville commute there? Even if Lex takes the helicopter, it's still an hour each way and a lot of money.

8. Why doesn't anyone work in Granville, which like its name suggests, is relatively large and much closer than Metropolis?

9. How small is Smallville anyway? Has there ever been a shot of a "Smallville, KS pop. #####" sign?
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