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Serious, serious pimping

Don't know how much time I'll have so I'll start with the pimpin'. These are in no particular order.

1. leni_ba got her website Kittens in the Dark up and running. I know that's old news for most of you. Hey, I'm a pimp--never said I was a good one.

I spent part of Saturday night linking through some of her recs. Some new stuff for me because we don't always gravitate towards the same pairings. One oldie but a goodie on her list: Of The Beast by kita0610. It's Buffy, Spike, Angel, Darla. It's gorgeous, poetic...and I just want to pull my toys out of the sandbox and go home. I want to steal her nail clippings, graft them to my brain and pray for some genetic, creative convergence. Just saying.

2. And speaking of writers who make me weep from envy, wiseacress is writing new (NC-17) Spander: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6. This ain't your mama's Spike neither. This is morally ambiguous bastard Spike. No schmoop here. It's a hard read, keeps your eyeball glued to the screen. Leaves you cold and shivering with your shoes in your hand--and then it makes you beg for more-- the language is that intense, the imagery that harsh and bright as it's cast against hungry shadows.

Here in the cozy world of BtVS/AtS fandom, people talk about the fanfic writers who could be published. You know, squeezed into the Literature section--spines, dustjackets, everything. Wiseacress is one of those. Big time. Her and eliade. The world doesn't know what it's missing. But, hey, more for us!

3. chrisleeoctaves has an NC-17 B/A fic, Safe Word, that...well, if I say anything, it'll spoil it. Gotta warn you, it is kink. If BDSM isn't your preference or even your tolerance, go read something else. But if hot wax makes you say, "Bring it on!", then by all means link through!

4. entrenous88 has posted chapter 17 and chapter 18 of "Shacking Up". It's more Spander, this time of the lighter variety. This story is cute, frustrating, adorable, has great OC's--and I love it. I started reading it on her website when I first discovered fanfic (yes, that's how new I am). If you haven't read it, I think all the chapters are accessible through her memories.

5. And I've pimped this series before and I'll keep pimping it: willa_writes's wonderful sonnet sequence. I'll just provide a link to the latest one, "My Barren Rhyme" from Sonnet 16. For those of you who don't know, she's taking each (yes, I said each) Shakespeare sonnet and writing a ficlet based on it with a different pairing each time (okay, a few repeats--how many characters are there in Le Jossverse?). She does this. Every. Day. And they've all been *kick-ass*. This last one made me whimper. It's William/Angelus and Spike/Angel with a hint of Spike/Xander. The switch of voice and century for our two vampires is marvelous and spot-on. In a *ficlet*, people. A *ficlet*. Go read. Now. I command you. And I am going to take my bucket and shovel and go home. Seriously. I don't care if I do have sand in my shoes...

Well, that's it for me folks. Time for this pumpkin to hit the hay. Hee! Mixed metaphors. That's the way the world crumbles. I amuse myself. I'm such a dork.
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