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When fandoms collide: Smallville and Figure Skating

ACK! Smallville and the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships are on TV at the SAME TIME!

Do you know how hard it was to delete Smallville from my TiVO to-do list? Do you? *sobs openly*

Now ask me why I'm not home on Thursday nights. Because I'm down at the rink for freestyle workshop and then production rehearsal. Heh.

Now ask me if I went to morning freestyle today? That would be a big fat NO. Because I suck and I've been doing that a lot lately. Why? Because that's time I could spend reading or writing fic, that's why. Now ask me if my ass is any bigger. And that would be a YES!

Apparently, I have it so bad that I even TiVOed Sorority Boys and The Fog just so I could stare at the Rosenbaum and the Welling respectively. I got some laundry folding in with it so that's SOMETHING constructive. *sigh*

Well, Sorority Boys was mildly entertaining. I guess I'm getting old, but the whole college cliché movie doesn't do it for me anymore. If I rewatched Revenge of the Nerds now, I'd probably love it a whole lot less.

One thing I can say is that Rosenbaum makes a much hotter looking chick than they gave his character credit for in the movie. *I* certainly couldn't get away with wearing the outfits that he did. Plus he was *aiming* for comedy gangliness. The romantic lead guy was much prettier as a dude.

But, question, did they pad his ass? Because, unless he was wearing stripper stilts, I doubt that it would be either that round or stick out like that. Just saying. But, hey, I'd love to be wrong.

Plus, dude, even all passed out from the funny-har-har (NOT!) roofie, he would have known while doing the whole Walk of Shame frat girl-hating thing if he'd been backdoored or not. And considering that the funny stain was *on* his skirt, I seriously doubt that roofie-hazy Jimmy figured out the whole Insert Tab A thing.

Okay, The Fog, for a horror movie, is rather yawn-worthy. Carpenter, why do have to dog it like that? Just, dude, did you even show up to work?

But Welling...*swoon* Oh Saucy Tom, with the twinkly-eye attitude and the sex and the swearing, just...*squirms* Unfortunately, he sparked off Selma Blair way more than Maggie Grace. And guess who got the sex scene? Yeah. Tom/Selma would have equalled HOT!!! But Maggie, you can work a camisole, yes you can. Even when you open the door to go outside to see what the scary noises are. Darwin Award! Or it should have been if she were anyone else but the lead. But still. Camisole!
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