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One spoonful at a time

1 September 1966
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Once there was a little girl...And if we fast forward past the tar paper shack, Russian winters, and the baying of dogs, we'll find that she's still little but not a girl. She sits in a closet, gibbering to her computer screen something about fandom, which is close to kingdom, a place to reside.

There may be something about a woodcutter, but the biographers always get that part wrong. Poetic license, they say. And since they're neither licensed, nor particularly poetic, they prove that poetry can be found most anywhere: aisle 5, seat 9 is a particular favorite since the acoustics are just glorious there.

Fandoms include: AtS/BtVS, DCU, Sleeper Cell, and Smallville (rabidly active); HP and MCU (just wading); Band of Brothers, Battlestar Galactica, BBC Sherlock, Deadwood, Doctor Who, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Heroes, Justice League, Lost, Mad Men, Supernatural, Welcome to Night Vale, and The Wire (bought a ticket, entertain me).

I also have an obsessive interest in skating, hence I am the moderator of adult_skaters.

This journal can be adult in nature, include sexual situations, and can wallow in the mundane or inane for no reason whatsoever. Proceed with caution.

Friending policy: I like people and find a great many fascinating. In other words, I press the little "+" button a lot. Don't feel obligated to press the button too. If you happen to wander over here, then come on in, buffet table's over there, bathroom's down the hall.

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absent thirds, anais nin, angel, angel/faith, angel/nina, angel/riley, angel/spike, angelus, angelus/drusilla, anthropology, anti-racism, apollo/midnighter, aquatic ape theory, archaeology, ats, avengers, band of brothers, banter, batman, batman/catwoman, batman/superman, battlestar galactica, birute galdikas, bisexuality, black widow, bruce wayne, bruce/clark, bruce/clark/lois, bruce/diana, bruce/harvey, bruce/lois, bruce/oliver, bruce/selina, bruce/talia, bruce/vicki, btvs, buffy/angel, buffy/angel/spike/faith, buffy/faith, buffy/spike, buffy/spike/angel, captain america, china mieville, chloe/lana, chloe/lex, clark kent, clark/alicia, clark/bruce, clark/bruce/diana, clark/chloe, clark/diana, clark/lana, clark/lex, clark/lois, clark/oliver, clark/whitney, comic books, connor on ice, cordy/angel, darla, darla/angel(us), darla/dru, darla/lindsey, david boreanaz, dcu, dcu trinity, deadwood, dian fossey, diana prince, dick grayson, doctors without borders, drusilla, elaine morgan, elinor wylie, fanfic, fanged four, femslash, figure skating, firefly, game of thrones, gen, harry potter, harvey dent, het, hockey, imperfect heroes, jaime/brienne, jane goodall, jared diamond, jericho, johnny weir, justice league, kara thrace, laura ingalls wilder, lex luthor, lex/bruce, lex/clark, lex/lana, lex/lois, lex/oliver, lois lane, lois/clark/bruce/selina, lois/vicki, los bros hernandez, lost, love & rockets, mcu, meta, michael rosenbaum, mythbusters, natasha romanov, neil gaiman, nightwing, oliver queen, paris, paris review, pretty people kissing, redheads, riley finn, riley/spike, romany, rpf, san francisco, san jose sharks, sex and the city, sexual tension, slash, sleeper cell, smallville, snape/lily, spike, spike/angel, spike/darla, spike/dru, spike/faith, steve rogers, superman, superman/batman, superman/lex luthor, superman/lois lane, supernatural, synchronized skating, the sopranos, the wire, threesome fic, tim/kon, tom welling, vicki vale, wonder woman, world of warcraft